About Our Founder

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It all started when...

I had a brain tumor at 19, that year was the time that changed my life. With other struggles that followed, I built my reputation as a skillful and artistic-minded videographer through adventure and experience. By forging ahead with new concepts, continually expanding my technical skills, reinvesting in top-end equipment and actively seeking out new challenges, I've helped build a team that has quickly became a first choice for many couples. 

Following the surgery, I soon realized that videography filled my need for creativity in my work and life. From that point on, I've invested all my energies toward camera work and story telling. Weddings were my first love in the cinema field, and it's never left me. They have taught me how to work on my toes, practice unique techniques, and meet expectations with no margin of error. 

The world never sits still, so my team and I are constantly expanding, reinvesting, and looking for new ways we can help preserve the memories of a couple's wedding day. Drones are incredible way to remember how a venue looked on your wedding day, so we've taken the initiative and become FAA Certified pilots and are now able to offer aerial coverage at weddings!

While this art continues to emerge, I find my team on the front line of this specialty and look forward to continuing the pursuit of this great calling.


- Keaton Nye